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JV at Kilby Court, Salt Lake City 27th September 2004

John put on a great show as always, new haircut in tow. Joshua Zarbo (of Spoon) played bass, Dave Douglas on drums and vibes, and the venerable Scott Solter on keys and guitar. One of the most interesting things about a Vanderslice show is that his rotating cast of a band for each tour inevitably has a newly-imagined way of arranging old familiar favorites. JV literally has about 25 different ways to play every song. This time around, he opened up solo with acoustic guitar on the new "Radiant With Terror." Pics, some good, some slightly less than good, are provided for your enjoyment...


   JV bringing it like he does...


    Ladies and gentlemen, the rhythm section...

      JV closes it out in style...

   The new t-shirt!




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